After 35 years of dedicated service to the culinary community, The Culinary Trust is closing its doors and donating to six worthy charities. Please see the accompanying press release for more. Thank you for your support. We appreciate all you’ve done for us over the years and are grateful for everything the organization has accomplished. 

Culinary Not-For-Profit Started by Julia Child Donates $140,000 to Six Charitable Organizations

Prior to Dissolving on June 30, 2019

After 35 years and distributing more than one million dollars in grants and scholarships to culinary non-profits and individuals, The Culinary Trust (TCT) is dissolving and donating remaining assets to innovative culinary non-profits with the common mission of inspiring the next generation of culinary professionals. 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York – May 17, 2019 – The Culinary Trust (TCT), the charitable foundation associated with the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP), announced today its dissolution by end of fiscal year, June 30, 2019. After 35 years, the board of trustees of TCT and IACP will dissolve and donate $140,000 to six worthy 501(c)(3) organizations. The focus of these charities aligns with TCT’s mission to address critical issues in food. 

“The Culinary Trust’s Board of Trustees believes our donations will make significant impact in allowing these organizations to further their purpose and, in turn, honor the work of TCT, a legacy that includes founding board member and culinary educator Julia Child,” said Alexa Van de Walle, Chairperson of TCT’s Board of Trustees. 

Throughout its 35-year history, TCT has raised funds from IACP members and other individuals, corporate sponsors, cooking schools and foundations, and has funded more than one million dollars in grants for culinary research, food history projects and anti-hunger organizations. More recently, TCT has donated scholarships and grants to educate food writers focused on topics such as sustainability, labor, gender, diversity, and culture.  

TCT’s donations made last week were to the following 501 (c) (3) non-profits

  • • Brownsville Community Culinary Center/Melting Pot Foundation (Brooklyn, NY), a 40-week culinary arts training using the apprentice model in one of New York City’s poorest communities;
  • • Drive Change (Brooklyn, NY), culinary arts training for formerly incarcerated young adults;
  • • FamilyCook Productions/Community Table (New York and nationally) which teaches youth and families in low resource communities skills to cook affordable, delicious and healthful meals that transform their relationship with food; 
  • • Hot Bread Kitchen (New York, NY) a non-profit social enterprise creating food careers for low-income immigrant women – focus on bread baking and English as second language; 
  • • The Jacques Pepin Foundation (Barrington, RI and nationally) supports existing community kitchens across the US with grants and donations, educational tools, equipment and recognition;
  • • and, Project Feast (Seattle, WA) a non-profit social enterprise to empower immigrants and refugees to cook and achieve sustainable employment in the food industry.

 TCT’s board of trustees is grateful for the efforts of everyone who has worked with and donated to The Culinary Trust. “We want to thank our myriad volunteers, board members, partner organizations, and the foundations, corporations and individuals who have been so generous,” said Ms, Van de Walle. “We’ve enjoyed working alongside so many talented people, the culinary professionals, educators and non-profits, striving to make a difference in the “good food” arena. 


About The Culinary Trust

The Culinary Trust is the 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation of the International Association of Culinary Professionals with a mission to provide culinary professionals the tools and opportunities to understand and act on critical issues in food. The Culinary Trust started its corporate life in 1984 under the name Cooking Advancement Research and Education Foundation (CAREF). The first TCT trustees were the late Julia Child, CCP; Shirley Corriher, CCP; and Marlene Sorosky, CCP. CAREF was formed to support research and education in the broad fields of culinary studies, whether from a scientific, literary or practical standpoint. In 1994, the name was changed to the IACP Foundation and, in 2004, to The Culinary Trust.

About the International Association of Culinary Professionals                                                                Founded in 1978, IACP connects culinary professionals with the people, places, and knowledge they need to succeed. IACP boasts members from more than two dozen countries and serves as the leading forum for professionals involved in communication around the food industry. The only worldwide culinary organization of its kind, IACP is a vibrant crossroads where everyone can share experiences and expertise in ways leading to unparalleled growth and learning.

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